3 Tips to Convert Rough Hair Into Smooth Hair



                         • Why hair is so rough?

how to get smooth hair
Hair gel

 1.By using chemical product on hair : like- hair gel, hair wax.

2. By using hair dryer.

                         Tips to get smooth hair


how to get smooth hair

1. Wet your hair about (80%).
2. And then apply Vaseline on hair.
3. Then comb.( Also read-How to remove darkcircle)


aloevera, how to get smooth hair

1. Take Aloevera because it is the power house of 75 nutrient and it contain special feature which lead to hair growth and make it smooth.

2. Apply on hair and do massage for 10 min.

3. Leave it overnight and wash in morning with water. And do it for 2 week for better result.


how to get smooth hair
Honey and Egg

1. Take two egg and one spoon of honey.

2.Beat egg into bowl and mix with honey.

3. Apply it all over the hair and leave it on until it dries.

4. Wash it after dries with water and do shampoo.(Also read- How to reduce weight faster)

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