5 Tips That How To REMOVE Hairlfall (Alopisia)

                              Why hairfall occur?

hairfall, how to remove hairfall

1.when  you use chemical product on hair : like- hair wax, hair gel.
2.Using other Towel.
3. Using different-different  shampoo.

                   Tips To REMOVE Hairfall (Alopisia)


How to reduce hairfall

1.Boil . 100 ml coconut oil.
            .100 ml gudhal oil.
            .with wasp nest.

2.Filter and apply on your head in morning for one week and get result.


what is the use of green tea
Green Tea

1.Take one packet green tea.

2. Mix two spoon of water into it for moist.

3. And apply thrice a week for better result.


onion, garlic
Onion and Garlic

1. Garlic juice, Onion juice and Ginger juice.

2.Rub one of the following juices on your hair.

3.Leave it overnight and wash it out in the morning.

4.Do it regularly for 2 week and see result.


neem, remove hairfall

1. Use Neem and Alovera shampoo because it keep the head cool and prevent dandruff.

2. Apply on your hair regularly for two week.


beer and cigarettes
Beer and Cigarettes

1. Avoid smoking cigarettes because it reduces the amount of blood flow to the scalp and it causes hairfall.

2. Avoid alcohol because drinking alcohol reduce hair growth.

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