4 Tips to reduce weight faster


    {Reduce Weight By Home Remidies}

1. Boil half glass of jeera water.

2.After boil filter it.

3. Add 2 spoon of Apple cider vinegar and 1 spoon of honey into it.

4.Take 2 times everyday for 2 month and get result.

         {Reduce Weight By Drinking water}

Drinking water played a very important role in weight loss . We also say that drinking water is first step toward weight loss. Drink water as much as you can . Water remove fat from body and also help to remove impurities from blood. if you have to loss weight faster than you have to drink lukewarm(गुनगुना) water as much as you can it will help to remove fat from your body faster.

            {Reduce Weight Without Dieting}

In this world everyone are busy in their own work and have no time to give for their own health and body. So people want those tip which do not take time and simple.

It is not necessary to sweat it out 2 hours in a gym, eat zero-oil and zero-sugar diet to lose weight. When it comes to dieting, it is difficult to stay motivated and hence most of us give up mid-way..so the tip was all about how to reduce weight without dieting.we have to do two thing .1.use minimum quantity of oil in food and do not eat oily food.2.Follow balance diet with green vegitables.

           {Reduce Weight By Walking}

Walking is very useful for fitness and loosing weight. Walking 45 min in morning and evening help you to loose weight.walking increases metabolism in body which remove fat from body.

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