3 Tips That How To Remove Darkcircle


                                   • why Darkcircle came?

How to reduce Darkcircle

1. If you have dark skin or thin skin under eye, it's more obvious when blood collect there(because of less sleep).

2. If you want to check whether you have Darkcircle or not. Then simply stretch
under your eye if the skin getting dark then it will cause due to genetic or aging.

              • Tips to remove Dark circle.


honey, how to remove darkcircle

1. Mix one spoon honey with half spoon haldi.

2. Apply the mixture on face and remove after 10 min.

3.Then take one cotton and dip into rose water and apply on you eye for 5 min.

4. Result in 1 week.


argan oil, how to remove darkcircle

1.Take argan oil 1 spoon.

2.Apply on your darkcircle and massage for 10 min.

3. Leave it overnight and in morning wash with water.

4. Do it regular for 2 weeks and get result.(Also read- How to loose weight faster)


apple cider vinegar, how to remove darkcircle

1. Take Apple Cider Vinegar and Water.

2. Mix each other and apply on you darkcircle.

3.Leave it overnight and in morning wash with water.

4. Do it rugular for 3 weeks and get result. (Also read- How to remove hairfall)

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